An all-star team needs an all-star leader and the task of appointing said leader can be a quite the challenge! A team captain needs to possess a wide variety of skill and quality in order to effectively lead a team to success. There are a number of strategies to figure out who will be the best leader for your team- let’s talk about what those strategies are!


List the top qualities your team is lacking in, and find the person best suited for the job

Starting with the weaknesses amongst the team can help you determine exactly what qualities your team leader needs to have. If they need to be pushed more into practice, for example, you will want a leader who is good at holding everyone accountable and can motivate them to get their practice time in.


Let your team vote

This is a popular choice because the whole team will have a say in who they want to follow and the majority ruling will mean that most of the team is happy with their decision. However, you may know what your athletes need instead of what they want (which could be to elect the most popular guy on the team as leader solely because they like him). You can find the middle ground and ask the team who they think would be the best leader, but ultimately express that you will have the final say.


Have the teammates that are interested run for team captain and vote

This strategy is great because it will show who is willing to work to land the job as team captain and, ultimately, you want the leader of your team to possess a strong work ethic. The team and coaching staff can all vote based on who runs and come to a decision that way. This is a great method of choice because it puts the potential captain’s qualities on display and everyone gets a say in who is chosen for the job.

In general, you want a team captain to be hardworking, inspiring, and a master of the sport the team is playing. Use any one of these strategies to figure out how to choose the captain best suited to your team and get going on the road to success!