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As a student athlete, Tim Moser’s coaches encouraged him to be the best that he could be, and exceed his own expectations of himself. Under their mentorship, he was inspired to constantly improve as an athlete, student, and person.

Now a coach himself, Tim Moser aspires to have that same effect on his players. He loves seeing his players succeed whether on the court or in the classroom, knowing that he is a part of their success. It is even more exciting for him when former players become successful and attribute their success to their time on his team. Moser knows how significant a role college athletics can play in a person’s life, even if they never do sports again after graduation. It is gratifying to have that kind of impact on his students.

Tim Moser’s former athletes, where are they now?

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For Tim Moser, coaching is a perfect way to build life-long relationships, touch lives, and mentor excellence. As a leader, he seeks to be credible, authentic, caring, and competent, so that his team trusts his judgement and knows that he has their best interests at heart. He also believes leaders need to possess foresight, humility, and the honest ability to assess/critique, so that they can make accurate evaluations of their situations, unclouded by ego, and act on them accordingly. Lastly, leaders need to communicate their intentions, be willing to learn, and always act as a servant to those they are leading.

As a coach, Tim Moser hopes to instill in his team the values of collaboration, discipline, effort, service, and leadership. If his students choose to commit to these values, they are well on their way towards happy, successful, and productive lives.

And in the short term, Tim Moser loves to see that his players are having fun in the moment, enjoying each others’ company, celebrating victories, and taking pride in personal accomplishments. College athletics can be a valuable extracurricular both while it is happening and for many years after. Moser hopes to give his students all the benefits of that experience.